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  • Release date:2019-10-22
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Tensioner manufacturers are mainly used to transport, move, transport or storage of goods repair function.The operation of the cable tensioner is very simple, but there are still many details to be paid attention to in proper use.Belt tensioner manufacturers small series asked workers who often use tensifiers in factories to explain and summarize their answers.The following points should also be considered: 1.In the process of use, due to the failure of the fastening equipment, the tensioning device suddenly damaged or failed, resulting in the sudden disappearance of the reaction force, resulting in the goods overturned or moved, unbalanced or autumn.Risk of impact.2. Clipping or cutting caused by sharp edges or scratching of hands and arms during operation of tensioning device.3. In the process of transportation, the goods are not firmly fixed and the metal tensioner bolt device of wuxi goods fails (such as rebound or damage) or defective equipment is used, which causes the goods to move or tip over, especially the side plate when the unloader is opened.The risk that the cargo may be landed on personnel and unloading aircraft.4. Risks due to operator combination errors (bolts or combinations of components with different tightening capabilities).Due to the uncontrolled release of the tensioning device, the goods are unstable and move suddenly, posing a risk to the unloader.6. Risk to operator due to excessive rebound of crank of handle and tensioning device.Choose a quality tensioner for your and others' safety.


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