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Ningbo zhenli machinery co. LTD

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Address: no. 51, baotong road, yinzhou, ningbo


Ningbo zhenli machinery co., LTD is specialized in the production of all kinds of tensioner, sling, binding and other products, has a history of more than 10 years.The product variety that the company produces is more, specification is complete, the product sells in distant markets home and abroad many cities and country.

The company has better production capacity and management experience, has a strong technical force, product quality stability, high corporate reputation, welcomed by the majority of customers.

The company in the existing varieties, according to the requirements of each user for special specifications of design, manufacturing.

We always carry out the business philosophy of "starting from market development, and finally customer satisfaction", and serve you with high quality and low price.

Company staff will work together to do their jobs, rely on quality for survival, rely on innovation for development, rely on management to create benefits policy, win the majority of domestic and foreign customers trust, your trust is our responsibility, we are willing to use sincere for you to create high-quality products.Welcome customers from home and abroad to visit our company and thank them for their support and help.

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