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What types of straps are there


Strapping is mainly used for packing and packing of goods.Now a lot of luggage has to be concentrated, tension device manufacturers but a lot of luggage is very messy, if everyone directly placed, not a lot of equipment in our daily life in the deterioration of work efficiency, we use the property group bound line.

(1) the strapping products have undergone heat treatment of various metal devices and have professional tests to ensure simple operation.Safety tensioner manufacturers

(2) the clamping belt is made of high-strength polyester yarn with low water absorption, suitable for natural environment and transportation of various goods.Used in knives.

(3) each fastening band has a black stripe, indicating the fracture strength.This company can determine on customer's request or not with black stripe, or with tape.The little black muscle.

(4) songyi packaging belt is widely used in logistics enterprises, military transport, train transport.Used to bind luggage.Suitable for fastening and binding of various objects.Be careful not to use.There are many kinds of binding bands.In order to better install the luggage, the strap is also used during installation, and in the case of use, the tensioner hook protects the value of the merchandise.

In addition, according to the different luggage can choose the same kind of card belt.The two ends of the binding belt to realize the practical value basically have hooks.The hook mainly ACTS as a connection in the process of using the clamping belt, but it is easy to find the problem of rotation of the hook in use. I have hoisted the goods when winding and binding the strap. In addition, it may affect the safety of employees.

First, look at the reasons for the hook rotation: 1. The higher the lifting height of the large crane is, the longer the wire rope between the pulley block at the top of the lifting boom and the hook is, the longer the hook is, the greater the possibility of rotation.2. The wire rope of the hook can make the hook rotate with a number less than two matches, and the wire rope of the winding is less matched, so it can be suspended.The more likely the hook is to rotate, the more weight a wire rope will bear.The more likely the hook is to rotate.Tensioner manufacturers

On the TAB page, select the outline size of the background hook module and the size of its pulley.The more likely the chain tensioner hook is to rotate, the more unstable the hook's rotation speed will be, especially if the weight is likely to leave the bed.At this point, the hook is more likely to rotate.It is necessary to pay attention to the buffer belt, polyester fastening belt and so on when using.The main function of these products is to fix and connect, and the bundle is generally large, if not stable, very large




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