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Tensioner manufacturers buckle material characteristics and USES


For the bottom of a bag or box, the manufacturer of the tensioner plays a major role in fixing.

1, rope buckle

The materials are generally PA, PP, PC and POM.We can design LOGO tensioner manufacturers according to customer requirements.Choose the length of ribbon according to different requirements.The material of choice is usually POM (polyformaldehyde) and the ends of the fabric tensioner manufacturer are sewn separately, i.e. "Y" buckles.Tensioner manufacturers buckle material characteristics and USES

In general, the Japanese word buckle is used to adjust the length of a woven belt. The other is a three-way buckle.Shoulder pads

Material is PVC, PU,??TRP, TPE.It is often used in baby stroller safety products.The front of the shoulder pad is called the post tensioner manufacturer and you can also choose electroplating, screen printing and spray painting.

2, the hook

Materials are usually POM, PA, PP.

Hook, D button, press button, Japanese belt button, square belt button and ladder button are collectively referred to as hook.Steel rope tensioner furniture, hooks and D buckle are often used together, this is indispensable luggage material.A ladder buckle is usually used to tighten the end of a ribbon.Manufacturers, commonly known as cygon), PA and 3, PC

The clasp consists of a male clasp and a female clasp.Hooks can be electroplated and screen printed.Generally, the LOGO can be designed on the trapezoidal button.And has the anti-slip function.

Hole, single hole and double hole sizes are optional.It is suitable for all kinds of OO ropes, nylon ropes and elastic ropes to protect goods from tensioner manufacturers under special circumstances.

4. Rubber feet

The material usually comes from PVC.

Rubber feet are either granular or stripy.Use the button more effectively.Effective protection against wear and tear, there are now more convenient and scientific buckle, usually used for shoulder and waist fixation.For example, the invisible button for replacement,

5. The master button can be designed according to the client's design and authorization, color code or LOGO.

The shoulder pads are designed to slow compression and position anti-slip. This is a manufacturer of buckle tensioner that can be easily replaced without sewing the ribbon.Then pull the special wrench.Due to the reverse reaction of the pawl.Gradually wind the wire rope or winding wire around the ratchet roller.Its quality directly determines the service life.Hand taut fasteners are often used by manufacturers who load and close brakes.Tighten the wire.It was tied up for a long time.Fix the fastening wire to the manufacturer of the insulator tensioner, so when purchasing products, good product quality will directly affect the service life of the products.Tensioner manufacturers buckle material characteristics and USES

A tensioner is also known as a fastener.It is used as a tensioning line in overhead line installation facilities.When using, first loosen the wire rope or galvanized iron wire on the tensioner to the tensioner manufacturer, then loosen the pawl and clamp the wire.Allow the wire rope or galvanized wire to loosen the tensioner manufacturer, strapping machine and other tensioner manufacturers, and then loosen the wire clip tensioner manufacturer during use.And fixed on the arm tensioner manufacturers, tensioner can also be called: fastener.Finally, the wire rope or galvanized iron wire is wound around the rollers of the ratchet roller, all of which are called: tighteners




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