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Why does cargo logistics always choose to bind


China is a big logistics country.With the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry and the rise of e-commerce, tensioner binding manufacturers more or less promote the pursuit of efficient logistics.Logistics improves the efficiency of production and logistics.However, if the improper handling of goods leads to instability, it will bring losses to the enterprise and bring great security risks.

Therefore, adhesives produced by adhesives manufacturers can effectively form some of the logistics of goods safety protection measures.Tensioner manufacturers

Facing the increasing demand of the logistics industry and the economic loss caused by the damage of goods, the industry is particularly concerned about this.Therefore, how to reduce the damage rate and driving safety of goods in the process of transportation and improve the quality of service in the process of handling is imperative to reduce and avoid the damage of goods in the process of logistics.

In the logistics process inside and outside the factory, it is necessary to fix the goods in the transportation process between the workshops.The use of ordinary rope will lead to tedious work and reduce the efficiency of the work.Use packing film, carton and other materials.Rotating packaging will increase production costs and affect efficiency.When using adhesives, there is no need for so much trouble, can be operated by a person, convenient and fast.

Steel tubes are also troublesome to transport.Because of its smooth surroundings, the steel wire tensioner causes various problems during transportation.At this point, you can use a patchwork binding device.It is a universal binding device.It can be bound to square items or fixed to circular items.Today we will look at the four requirements of steel tube bundle:

Ceramic tile bundled

1. When the goods are loaded directly on the pallet, the need for padding should be calculated.

2. Determine the number of lashing required for the front and rear bundles according to the load weight.Tensioner manufacturers

3. The edge of steel pipe mouth should be smooth without burr or burr.If the mouth is relatively sharp or burr, the shipper should be required to wrap or clog the end of the steel pipe with appropriate packaging material and then bundle it in this manner. 

The steel tubes are first bound together and secured with iron packing straps.The quantity of packing belt of ningbo tensioner shall be determined according to the weight of the bundled goods, and the minimum value shall not be less than 3.Ensure no diffusion during loading and unloading.There should be wooden pallet or sleeper at the bottom of the triangular steel tube to facilitate forklift operation.




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