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  • category:Tensioning device
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  • Release date:2019-10-22
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The wire rope trap is installed along the road and the pipe tensioner passes between the upper and lower brake pads of the wire rope trap.When the traction wire rope is in normal operation, the upper brake block and the lower brake block do not move.When the speed sensor detects that the traction wire rope is running faster than normal.At 130% speed, the signal control box outputs a signal to control the solenoid valve to control the pressurized cylinder.The upper brake block is pushed by the slide bar, the upper brake block pushes the traction wire rope, and the upper and lower brake blocks clamp the traction wire rope.When the elastic tensioner support wheel assembly is used to support the chair, the wire rope does not wear the brake block.When the wire rope breaks, the wire rope loses tension and the tail wheel moves backwards.After the deviation sensor is triggered, the catcher executes the wire rope.Capture brake


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