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  • Release date:2019-10-22
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There are often different quality standards at home and abroad, and the results are different.What is the difference between domestic and foreign belt tensioner manufacturers in metal tensioner manufacturers?In the case of wire ropes used in domestic offshore engineering, these claims are generally considered to differ in the following respects.If the spreader has been twisted, it cannot be corrected by hammering.This is not feasible, but it will damage the spreader more.What kind of rigging is more common and what is the standard for wire rope?The following will continue their work, mainly in order to explain the relevant knowledge, or to answer some difficult questions, so that we continue to familiarize and understand the operation, at the same time, increase their knowledge in this respect, to familiarize the site and its manufacturers.1. If the rigging is made of wire rope, are there any reference and implementation standards?Rigging, if it is a rigging made of wire rope, there are relevant reference and implementation standards that we must understand and understand.


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