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  • Release date:2019-10-22
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Can be widely used in logistics, freight bundling and cargo handling.The tensioner is light in price and weight, easy to use, soft and easy to bend, low in tension, wear-resistant and long-life raw material (polyester silk), moisture-proof, can prevent the damage caused by wind and frost.Because of its high corrosion resistance, it can protect items for the same amount of time.All Yaletex belts of the cargo metal tensioner have been heat-treated and stretched in accordance with en 12195-2.The length and carrying capacity of the product can be customized according to the requirements.As a partner of many well-known brands, EHSY ensures employees' occupational health, safety environment and bright future with its excellent quality and service.Wuxi metal belt conveyor tensioner manufacturers goods jinny tensioning device, the steel rope tension device can be set up on its automatic control system, the automatic tensioning device, which is widely used in the modern large-scale belt conveyor tensioning form, due to the automatic tensioning device to complete automatic tightening process, the structure of the tensioning device and control is very complex;The difference between the automatic tensioning device and the fixed tensioning device is that it has sensor elements and control system due to the use of the bulk material belt conveyor equipment.The environment is bad, the sensor element and control system influence is very big.The influence of environment must be fully considered in the design and use of the practical automatic tensioning device of manual tensioner.In order to solve this problem, various automatic tensioning devices have been proposed or used.The upper automatic tensioning device has stable type and driven type.


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