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  • category:Tensioning device
  • Product number:1561470588
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  • Release date:2019-10-22
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Working mode: first, the carpet tensioner removes the pressure belt slot by operating the pressure belt slot handle, puts the packing belt on the belt rack, and controls the pressure belt slot handle to close the pressure belt slot.This design can effectively prevent the overflow of packaging tape and packaging.To package the goods in the lining, the package belt of the package is wrapped on the fixed slot of the package belt, the tensioning handle is controlled, and the fixing belt of the package belt is driven to rotate synchronously through the engagement of the tensioning handle and the tensioning handle.Tensioning gear, receiving package belt synchronously.Tightly, after reaching the tension requirement, place the excess packaging tape on the cutting device, the cutting device handle is used to cut the excess packaging tape, and the packaging bag is locked to complete the packaging process.Embodiments of the invention have been described in detail above but are not intended to limit the scope of the invention.All changes and improvements to the tensioner market in accordance with the scope of this application shall remain within the scope of the patent for the invention. 


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