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  • category:Tensioning device
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  • Release date:2019-10-22
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1. Check whether the performance of electronic control debugging is intact.If the parameters of the electronic control system are not correct, the current will oscillate the steel rope tensioner, which may cause load speed oscillations and cause the rope to jump.

2. Overload, the load of the hoist is too high, resulting in the shaking of the hoist.Reduce load properly.

3. Is the gearbox a spring gearbox?When the operating speed of the hoist is within the resonance range of the spring gearbox, the gearbox will oscillate, which may cause the hoist to shake due to the unstable speed.

4. The rope length of the mine winch is not consistent, which will cause the vibration of the ningbo tensioner hoist.The length of a rope is uneven.Too much pressure on the shortest rope causes the tank to wobble.

5. Uneven tank path.Under the action of external forces, the wellbore is uneven and the tank track is deformed.It also wobbles when it runs on uneven terrain.


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