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  • category:Tensioning device
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  • Release date:2019-10-22
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A steel belt tensioner is provided by the manufacturer, including:Tensioner ontology and tension handle, the front end of the tensioner ontology the cutting device, cutting device connected to the fixed tensioner ontology, the cutting device with cutting device used for operation handle of the cutting device, cutting device and cutting device fixed connection handle tensioner set up in the middle of the main body with A fixed groove, tensioner main body of A tension in the middle of the gear set described in the internal cavity and described the belt groove and tension gear coaxial, and through the bearing movably connected tensioner described in the main body, described A pair of symmetrical handle fixed plate installed in both sides of the tensioning gear.Described the handle fixed plate as the main body in the fixed connection to the tensioner, any handle fixed plate movably connected to through the top of the bolt tensioning lever, and the bottom o tensioning lever engages with tension, tensioning subject central packaged with fixed slot on the right side is equipped with belt support brackets, belt support bracket connected to the same tensioner subject, with the outside edge of the support body is equipped with pressure grooved, used for compression straps.Pressure belt belt connected to the movable belt, pressure on one side of the belt groove with grooved handle, tensioning device hook used to lift pressure grooved, pressure grooved handle with grooved fixed connection tensioner main body is the bottom of the middle position, at the bottom of the right side is equipped with antiskid support plate respectively, any skid support plate fixed connection with the tensioner body.The fixed groove consists of four segments of the same size.The top end of the tensioning handle is provided with an anti-slip sleeve.The material of the non-slip sleeve is rubber.


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