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  • Release date:2019-10-22
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The structure of synthetic fiber sling can be divided into single sling, double sling and multi-layer sling.Lever type tensioner single double sling refers to the number of parallel sling, two or more than two called double sling;Multi-layer lifting belts are lifting belts, which are formed as a whole by overlapping two or more layers.The back seam ring at the end of the sling (equivalent to the wire rope buckle) is called the soft ring. The sling with small width has a soft ring, which can be directly used to hook the hook device, or the same as other sling.Use the upper part.

Which tensioner is better?At present, most of the sling products are made of high-quality polyester industrial filament, and the structure is composed of a circular bundle arranged in parallel, forming a bearing ring (bearing core), and equipped with a special wear-resistant sleeve.The bushing does not support the weight and protects only the flat wound tow, thus the sling has a longer service life.The label color on the sling is the material used for the sling.Green is polyamide, blue is polyester, and brown is polypropylene.The safety factor of sling is usually no less than 6.


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