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  • Release date:2019-10-22
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From the practical point of view of tensioner manufacturer, modern flexible sling, membrane structure tensioning appliance has the advantages of long service life, good softness and no damage to goods.Therefore, it has a very common application value in lifting industry and lifting machinery.As an alternative to wire rope, the flexible slings have excellent softness and are made of high quality, high strength and low tension.Made of stretched polyester filament.In some developed countries, this kind of flexible sling product has been used for more than 50 years.

Flexible wire rope tensioner is very easy to operate, store and handle.Compared with the metal sling, this lightweight and soft product only accounts for 25% of the weight of the metal product.Its softness does not even damage the coat coat or cause any damage to the human body.Its excellent shock absorption, non-conductivity, aging resistance and corrosion resistance can be well reflected in the use process.Even in flammable and explosive environments, this flexible sling does not generate sparks, which is its most prominent feature.According to professional experiments, it is very close to the stretchability of wire rope.At rated load, elongation can reach 1.6%.In daily safety inspection, the state of the flexible sling is very clear.As long as there is no wear and tear, you can ensure its normal use.


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