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  • Release date:2019-10-22
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Polyester/cotton yarn dyed by high temperature and high pressure.As long as the proper choice of dye and reasonable process conditions, usually no color fastness.According to the dyeing formula, it is unreasonable to use leveling and 0 as leveling agent when dyeing with disperse dyes, because the turbidity point of flat and O is generally 60-70℃, while the dyeing temperature of high temperature and high pressure is 130℃.Degrees Celsius, although it's scattered.The dye already contains diffuser (anion) and is used in the same bath as flat plus O to increase the turbidity point, but dye aggregation is inevitable.As the dyeing temperature exceeded the turbidity point of flat plus O, the dispersion of the dye was destroyed. Gel was formed in the dye bath and deposited on the fiber, producing color spots and spots. At the same time, some disperse dyes were actually not dyed with polyester.And stick to cotton fiber.On the other hand, improper use of disperse dyes can also lead to a decrease in color fastness, especially for dark varieties.The more dye used, the darker the color.When the amount of dye exceeds the adsorption capacity of the dyed fiber, not only will the color not become darker, but also will produce a lot of pollution to affect the color fastness.Furniture tensioner disperse black s-3bl dye itself is a mixture of dyes.If the safety tensioner is not manufactured by a real dye factory, it may be of poor quality.Whether reducing disperse dyes after dyeing is also the key to the color fastness.As for dyeing with reactive dyes, it is necessary to consider whether the dyeing process is reasonable, whether the reactive dyes hydrolysis.The strength of polyester dyed yarn can be tested by using the double bath method.Problems can be found when cotton fibers are dyed with reactive dyes and tested for strength.


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