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  • Release date:2019-10-22
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In the 21st century, environmental protection has become a worldwide theme, and green consumption has become the fashionable pursuit of the masses.Relying on the trend of The Times, relying on the profound market insight and professional technical advantages, taizhou city ford kind of rope net belt factory has continuously developed a technology lifting belt with environmental protection function and green cost concept, more professional..Personalized products fully meet the high standards and new requirements put forward by consumers.

Membrane tensioner (high quality special product for lifting) - used for lifting and lifting objects, such as cooperative hooks, can be used for lifting objects in various lifting conditions.The lifting belt has high strength and will not damage the appearance of the object.Soft, can be used in a variety of combinations.Due to its beautiful shape, soft texture and harmless to human body, it has won the unanimous praise of customers.

In the lifting sling industry, Livute has always regarded integrity as the basis of its business.The company has strong technical force, scientific production process, complete testing equipment and perfect quality system.The comprehensive performance of self-service tensioner is highly appraised by users.Welcome customers from all fields.To visit the collaboration.


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