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  • Release date:2019-10-22
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Steel rope tensioner is mainly used to tighten various types of cables, such as power and overhead wires, as well as traction and mobile devices such as heavy.Securing large equipment and other goods during transportation.Hand pull (hand pull) hoist has two kinds of hand pull according to the driving mode, loop chain hoist is the purpose of tightening and lifting with hand zipper, hand hoist has chain hoist and wire rope hoist and lever hoist for pulling the chain or wire rope to tighten and lift.Hand pull (hand pull) hoist can be used for lifting, pulling, lowering and alignment.If equipped with special equipment, such as cable shears, it can be used for nonlinear traction.It is also convenient for the tensioner car to choose the appropriate position or to expand the load capacity through the small tonnage machine.For large tonnage loads, multiple hand lifts can be used in parallel.The way to use the ratchet taut is to first pull the kara of the ratchet taut to the loose lead position, pull the lead out completely, then hang the hook on the fixed point, and then pull kara to the middle position.In the fastening position, the handle ratchet fastener extends forward along the wire (or rope), the wire (or rope) to be tightened is stuck in the wire slot of the ratchet fastener, and insert the card with one hand.Pull the wire into the slot of ratchet screw, hold the wrench of ratchet wrench with one hand and tighten the wire.It can be slow after the wire (or rope) is firmly clamped.Slowly tighten the wire or cord.


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