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  • Release date:2019-10-22
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The frequency converter of the winch controls the rotation speed of the motor by changing the electric frequency of the stator.The main circuit provides the power conversion of frequency modulation power supply to the asynchronous motor. The types of frequency converters can be divided into voltage type frequency converters and current type frequency converters.The voltage-type converter takes dc power from the power source as ac power, and the current-type converter converts the dc point of the power source into ac power.The filter of dc circuit of voltage converter is capacitance.The filter of the dc circuit of the current-type converter is inductance.The advantage of frequency converter of elastic tensioner lies in its high control accuracy: the control accuracy of frequency converter is higher than that of non-frequency conversion, and the speed regulation function of ac motor is basically equal to that of dc motor, which can be controlled.High action reliability: the components used by the frequency converter are power electronic components, with long life and perfect protection function, when used for the control of the reel machine, high accuracy, less maintenance operations, reduce the daily maintenance personnel.The workload speed regulation range is wide, belongs to the stepless speed change, the low speed time stability is good, the starting torque is big, more than 2 times, can rotate in the low speed time.


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