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  • Release date:2019-10-22
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Tensioner manufacturers safety portrayal lamp: software safety lamp on, the software circuit does not appear fault, see the brake handle and the main handle are located in the zero position, or, touch the coiling switch, make the reverse switch reset, switch to 1 or 2, press the fault release button.When the mold safety circuit of the tensioner is reset, it can be explained that the winding switch misoperates or is suppressed. After processing, the uncoiling can be returned to the 0th position, and the chain tensioner runs normally.In addition, when the driver stopped the hydraulic lubrication pump, there is also contact with the operating table and press the stop button, the frequency converter is closed.At this time, the frequency converter is in the discharge stage, and the software detection point has no power supply decline, but only makes the street lamp safely off, so the safe circuit cannot be restored after the fault is removed.Even if the software waits for the street lamp, the frequency converter starts the converter and restores the safety circuit after the power is turned off.In addition, just after starting the inverter, press the trouble button immediately can not restore the circuit.After the inverter is fully operational, you can restore the safety circuit.


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