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  • category:Tensioning device
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  • Release date:2019-10-23
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Belt tensioner is a new environmental protection non - export product.

It is used for fixed functions during the transportation, movement, transportation or storage of goods.They're locked in and they don't come off.They are safe and reliable, light weight, easy to operate and can protect objects from damage.

The strap tensioner can be used in a variety of environments depending on the type of hook.Also known as bundling, cargo fasteners, fastening straps, container straps.

Elastic safety belt tensioner circulation box binding belt elastic device car fixed belt, also known as cargo binding belt, is used for transportation, transportation, transportation or storage of goods fixed functions, they have locking function, will not fall off is safe, reliable, light, easy to operate, protect the object from damage.It can be applied to a variety of environments depending on the type of hook.Also known as binding device, fastener, fastening belt.


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