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The safety technical quality of the users of rigging is low and their safety consciousness is poor. The safety technical quality and safety consciousness of the users of rigging are not strong, which not only affects the quality of lifting operations, but also directly affects the safety of users.Its performance basically has the following several points, one kind is the safety consciousness of user is weak.Tensioner manufacturers in the production process, some of the use of lifting personnel reproduction, light and safe, to schedule, seize the time limit, simplify the operation process, even because of illegal risk operation and accident.Fiber belt tensioning device part use personnel safety technical quality is low, they don't understand the basic properties of the rigging and use requirements, should how to compute the "center of gravity and more exact suspension method, and the specific operation, casual, wuxi S hook stretcher to understand whether can ensure the safety of a hammock depend entirely on the" universiade ".


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