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In the transportation, transportation or storage of goods, the fiber belt tensioner is used for fixed functions.Use tight rope: 1, save time and effort, this product has the potential of thousands of pounds, one person can make the binding device produce huge binding, fast binding.2, safe and durable, this product is made of special steel, suitable for machine parts, strong acid, alkali resistant fiber materials.3, the sliding contact line garbage can is easy to operate, instantly tied tight, do not fall off, instantly loose, easy to operate, trailer tight rope, easy to recycle and bind, do not take up space.A fastening device, also known as a ratchet fastener, is used as a tensioning line in overhead line laying facilities.When in use, first loosen the rope on the tightening rope, and then fix it on the transverse arm.Clamp the wire and pull the special wrench.Then loosen the pawl, jiaxing eccentric buckle tensioning device loosen the wire rope or galvanized iron wire, and then loosen the clamp due to the reverse action of the pawl, and then wind the wire rope or galvanized iron wire on the ratchet roller, so that the wire is closed.Fix the screwed wire to the insulator.


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