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  • Release date:2019-10-23
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Increasing tension device research and development efforts, strengthen the cooperation with other industries, determine the key points, to joint research of eccentric buckle tensioning device, in particular, some large enterprises should actively introduce and absorb international standards, to promote the industry to the next level, the upper level, the development and the new technology, the application of new materials, at the same time of improving product safety and durability, at the same time of saving energy and reducing energy consumption, heavy tension device to reduce the pollution, improve the efficiency.Next, let's make a simple distinction and then explain the requirements for lifting spreader and rigging.What, so that everyone can learn more new knowledge content, thus increasing their knowledge.The basic conditions of use and the working sling after use can be said to be one of the common and commonly used slings, and this kind of rope has many applications, in some cases, we can also see it.


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