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  • Release date:2019-10-23
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Picture of tensioner operation plan improvement work is a special type of work that requires strong skills and is harmful, requires many people to work together, harmoniously, and with the same requirements.Therefore, the tensioner manufacturers must pass strict training and certification to work.Before operation, the environment must be on the site, lifting the weight of the door, the weight and center of gravity of the workpiece, the choice of rigging, the deployment of the equipped lifting equipment and the satisfaction of the deployment, keep calculation and calculation, and accurately develop the lifting plan.2, accurate use of wire tensioner: 1, eccentric buckle tensioner users should be familiar with the performance of various sling and its own end parts, use of detailed events, waste scale.2. The selected sling should meet the shape characteristics and detailed requirements of the workpiece to be lifted.Automatic eccentric buckle tensioner cannot be used in an environment without service conditions.3. Before operation, the sling and its accessories should be checked and confirmed and can be used.4. Accurately select the cable point before hanging up;Before unbinding, you should verify that the binding is strong.5. Spenders and accessories shall not exceed their rated lifting weight, and the sling shall not exceed the load of the corresponding suspension state.6. The damaged sling and accessories should be prepared during operation, and the corner protection should be added when necessary.7. The sling should be checked periodically during use.If conditions permit, the spindles and end fittings of heavy tonnage and tension products should be checked.8. Stop tearing sewing chains or overloading.


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