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  • category:Eccentric buckle
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  • Release date:2019-10-23
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Screw tensioner: lifting hook can lift 5 tons of a wire rope, two wire rope can lift 10 tons, this concept is very inaccurate.As the Angle of the plumb line becomes larger, the stress of the wire rope will be greatly improved.Steel wire tensioning device type wire rope, chain is quiet: some employees think the quiet coefficient of wire rope and chain is very high, ordinary will not overload, even if overload wire rope fracture has other signs, but this all condition is in the sling without damage.In the real use of often different degrees of wear and tear sling, if the severe wear and tear can be in the lifting rated load scale can suddenly break, tensioner manufacturers wire rope in the damaged environment will also have no signs of fracture, so to often search real-time scrap.3. The rated tonnage of veneer lifting pliers is one load, two should be twice, this concept is not complete and accurate.Because veneer lifting clamps are used in pairs, the rated tonnage of industrial product clamps is a pair of load, and a few manufacturers make an exception, so specific inspection declaration should be made before use.


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