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  • category:Eccentric buckle
  • Product number:1561473791
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  • Release date:2019-10-23
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In the technical scheme, the elastomer connected to the front end of the tensioner button of the handle handle plate is simple, convenient and quick to control the locking key on both sides of the handle button and the bayonet lock on both sides of the eccentric button body.Meshing separation, realize the eccentric buckle main body and handle meshing.At the same time, the slide shaft is movably connected to the strip waist hole, and the slide shaft can slide along the strip waist hole.When the watchband is connected with the eccentric buckle, the watchband can be adjusted up and down, easy to install, and the watchband can be tightened easily.Straps and eccentric buckles are tighter than traditional eccentric buckles.

Of course, the above is only a typical example of the invention.In addition, the national standard of the tensioner of the invention may have other specific embodiments, and any technical scheme formed by equivalent substitution or equivalent transformation falls within the requirements of the invention.


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