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  • category:Eccentric buckle
  • Product number:1561473586
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  • Release date:2019-10-23
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The invention relates to an eccentric buckle, which comprises an eccentric buckle body 1 and a handle 2 tensioner production. The handle 2 is connected with each other, the tail of the handle 2 can be pivottably connected with the eccentric buckle body 1, the tail of the handle 2 and the eccentric buckle can rotate the main body 1, and the outer side of pivot 3 is provided with a shaft retaining member 4 for strengthening the connection.The two sides of handle 2 are provided with the corresponding shaft hole 12, which faces the tail of handle 2.A banded waist hole 13 and a sliding shaft are formed in the direction of the axle hole 12, as shown in figure 6. The front end of handle 2 is movably connected to the strip waist hole 13.The front end of handle 2 is provided with bar hole 14 corresponding to each other.The handle button 5 is movably connected to the bar hole 14, the elastomer 8 is connected to the front end of the handle button 5, and the elastomer 8 is connected to the stopper 9 set at the front end of the eccentric wheel.Button body 1.Bayonet 11 is arranged at a position corresponding to handle button 5 on both sides of eccentric button body 1.Both sides of handle button 5 extend outward from the corresponding joint of strip hole 14 to tighten the device.


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