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  • category:Eccentric buckle
  • Product number:1561473456
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  • Release date:2019-10-23
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The invention relates to an eccentric buckle, including an eccentric buckle body and a handle of a tensioner with a mutual connection. The tail of the handle can be pivottably connected to the main body of the eccentric buckle, and the corresponding shaft holes are arranged on both sides of the middle part of the handle.Shaft hole toward the bar waist hole through the shaft hole is set in the handle on the direction of the tail of the sliding shaft is movably connected to the bar hole in the waist, and corresponding to each stripe hole is set on both sides of the front end of the handle, handle button, handle button movably connected in a hole, elastomer connection to handle button on the front end, elastomer and accordingly set a stop adjacent, in the front of the eccentric button in the main body, with eccentric clasp the main body of hand tightening on both sides of the corresponding, handle the button with the bayonet, both sides of the handle button from the hole of the corresponding joint extends outward, in order to form corresponding to the bayonet lock button.


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