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  • Release date:2019-10-22
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With the rapid development of China's economy and infrastructure construction, China has driven the rapid development of China's crane market, China has become an important global crane market.The rapid development of cranes has stimulated the prosperity of hoisting equipment market and brought more power to the development of hoisting equipment.

According to the analysis, in recent years, especially in the energy industry in China's vigorous development, tensioner manufacturers led the Chinese crane industry sustained steady development, but also led a large number of very strong lifting equipment construction enterprises.China lifting industry has emerged a number of large lifting equipment enterprises with considerable scale and strong competitiveness;With the overseas expansion of China's crane market, these hoisting equipment manufacturers are also actively entering the foreign market.

Lifting equipment industry and crane industry can be said to promote each other, mutual development.The rapid development of China's hoisting equipment field has provided support for the development of China's crane industry.At present in the domestic crane market, almost all the world's well-known manufacturers.Many large foreign crane brands have also set up in the domestic assembly manufacturing base, can be said to be very optimistic about the strength of domestic hoisting equipment enterprises.

Foreign large lifting machinery equipment to seize the Chinese market, coupled with the needs of Chinese users continue to upgrade, tensioner suppliers for local lifting machinery enterprises and lifting equipment enterprises, is an opportunity and a challenge.Competition makes progress.Local enterprises in response to lifting equipment and lifting equipment market changes in the product and technology is also constantly innovative.Local enterprises represented by xugong group, zoomlion and sany group have launched large-tonnage mobile crane products with independent intellectual property rights, high added value and high technical content.It can be said that this fills the technical gap in this field in China, for the lifting machinery industry is a big step forward, for the lifting equipment industry is also an opportunity to upgrade the technology.Is also the domestic lifting equipment industry to the entire global lifting equipment industry to show their strength of the opportunity!   


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