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  • Release date:2019-10-22
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The wire tensioner is a graphite powder used in the chain.Chain graphite powder is a kind of graphite powder with excellent lubrication properties.It is a kind of natural flake graphite with excellent lubrication property of Qingdao huatai.The main result is the chain graphite powder produced by huatai.For a variety of chain products, bicycles, motorcycles and mechanical chains need chain graphite powder maintenance and maintenance.

The function of chain-shaped graphite powder is to protect various chains and extend their service life in different complex environments.The role of chain graphite powder depends on its good high temperature resistance, lubricity, corrosion resistance and good adhesion, etc., chain graphite powder can be adsorbed on the surface of the chain to form a protective film, play a protective role, lubrication and wear resistance.The chain graphite powder protects the chain from damage and extends the environment at high temperatures and friction.Chain use and replacement cycle.

Tensioner production for automotive manufacturing, tractor manufacturing, engine industry and gear forging chains.The chain should be lubricated for a long time.Therefore, the graphite powder should be regularly lubricated to maintain and protect a variety of chain products, chain graphite powder.The chain is kept lubricated and clean, and the chain of graphite powder plays an indelible role in the chain.


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