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Notes on portable tensioner


Tensioning device set is a kind when packing the goods for the goods of strapping band fastening operations used device, traditional bearing belt fastener of fixed at both ends of the tensioning device, this is because the zipper itself is too complex, only through simple fixed piece of fixed and bag, easy to fall off, so the impact on efficiency of bales.

In this paper, a tensioner with belt locking, fixing and cutting at one end is studied. It is more concise and easy to carry. Moreover, it adopts a unique design of card slot of packaging belt, which effectively prevents the belt from detach during the tensioning process of effective binding.The purpose of the invention is to provide a portable zhang zhang.Tensioner manufacturers

The main body of the tensioning device is connected with the main body of the traction device and the cutting device fixed by the cutting device;And a cutting device having a cutting device with a fixed cutting device.A portable tensioning device is composed of a cutting device handle for controlling the cutting device;The stretching device body is fixedly connected with the cutting device body at the front end of the stretching device body.And a cutting device handle arranged between the main body of the stretching device.In the middle of the fastener body, a stretching gear is arranged in the central cavity of the clamping support body, which can be dynamically connected to the stretching part body through a bearing coaxial with the clamping support body.

A symmetrical handle retaining plate is arranged on both sides of the handle retaining plate, and any handle retaining plate is fixedly connected to the main body of the tensioning piece.The upper part of any handle fixing plate is movable connected with the tensioning handle by bolts, and a belt holding device is arranged on the right side of the fixing groove in the center of the main body of the fastener holding device.The main body of the belt fixer of the steel rope tensioner is fixedly connected, and a belt groove is arranged for pressing the belt fixer, and the belt fixer and the belt main body are fixedly connected, and the outer edge of the belt fixer is fixedly connected.

A belt groove is arranged for pressing the belt, and a belt holder and a belt groove of movable connection are arranged on the upper part of the belt fastener.The side of the pressure belt groove is provided with a handle for lifting the transmission belt groove, and the handle of the pressure belt groove is fixedly connected with the groove.The bottom of the middle position of the fastener body and the bottom of the right end of the fastener body are respectively provided with an anti-skid support plate. Any anti-skid support plate and the tensioning body are fixedly connected.

Furthermore, the enclosed fixed slot consists of four segments of the same size.And the front end of the said work is provided with a non-slip cover.In addition, the material of the non-slip cover is rubber.The beneficial effect of the invention is: by adopting the structure design of the patent, the structure of the stretcher is simpler, more reasonable, more convenient to operate and carry.Tensioner manufacturers

In addition, through the design of a separate card slot, ningbo tensioner effectively prevents the opening of the belt during the stretching process.After completion of the device, the packaging efficiency is improved, mobile office is realized, the workload of employees is greatly reduced, and the packaging effect is improved.




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