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Price of mechanical parts tensioner


There are various forms of lifting lugs in the operation of suspension belt and rigging of mechanical parts. The weight, shape and size of mechanical parts, the position that can be set and various movement conditions that may occur in the suspension control process will affect the form selection of the hanging lugs of parts.

The following is a summary of the mechanical parts in the lifting process under different stress conditions commonly used six types of lifting lugs.

(1) vertical Angle plate hanging ear in the form of the lug is mechanical parts is one of the more common type in hoisting homework, tensioning device manufacturer mainly is higher in weight is small, the appearance of small size comparison rules of small parts of vertical lift (according to lift position of mechanical components can be the difference between for hanging on lateral and vertical lift 2)).Tensioner manufacturers

(2) vertical suspension d-shaped plate suspension lug is the most common type of suspension operation of mechanical parts.Because of its great rigidity only in the vertical direction, it does not move only in the vertical direction when assembling mechanical parts.When the force is applied, all kinds of large and small parts can be lifted vertically (depending on the suspension position of the mechanical parts, they can be divided into two types: horizontal lifting and vertical lifting), with a specific width.

(3) vertical D shape packaged lug the lug is in mechanical parts, in the form of the process of ascension in the steel belt tensioning device relative to the very large vertical suspension and designed a kind of very large parts of the combined lug type, on both sides of the lug set reinforcement plate, in the vertical ascend increase lug and mechanical parts of the contact area, thus increasing the length of the weld and force point of mechanical parts, and ultimately enhance the lug due to excessive stress concentration in the process of reduced the mechanical parts of parent metal tear phenomenon;At the same time, the mechanical parts in the vertical lifting lateral displacement, can resist the moment generated at this time, can withstand a fixed lateral force.

(4) the web plate type D type packaged lug in the form of the lug compared with traditional composite lug, the net type lug production time is more, structure more reasonable, the direction of the two sides have good rigidity, at the same time under the condition of the same load than the existing veneer packaged lug light dead weight, general requirements conditions worse, more strict with lagging load oversized, vertical type of hanging ears, is improved when the vertical hanging large mechanical components.

(5) pin type rotating lifting lug in the form of lifting lug, in the process of vertical assembly of the mechanical parts, the mechanical parts can be rotated along the pin shaft, so as to complete the turning of the mechanical parts, rotation and other actions, machine production and processing.Lifting is also widely used, for the size, weight, shape and other factors of the crane assembly mechanical components, you can combine any of the above lifting lugs production, the form of the combination of lifting lugs as shown in the figure is the second kind, is the vertical vertical lifting lugs D shaped plate lifting lugs (no. 1).Tensioner manufacturers

(6) this type of lug is not recommended for the special crane designed when the base material of the suspension position of the mechanical part is thin -- the type of steel wire tensioner lug is widely used.This lug shape is welded to the bottom of the lug by the web to significantly increase the contact area between the lug and the base of the mechanical part, thus effectively inhibiting the lug




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