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The tensioner manufacturer tells you what is important about the use of binders in our trucks


As for the lashing belt of the truck, its use is very important.In most cases, the tensioner did not see many large trucks.

Let's look at the hazards of not tightening the belt.If belts are not used, luggage will fall off, tensioner wholesale vehicles become the danger of ring, traffic accidents are not a few,

In addition, the truckers had no idea, so many politicians warned that transport must be regulated and the goods tied up.What can I do to prevent losing my luggage?At this time, the packing factory made the fastening belt is necessary for you.Tensioner manufacturers

In addition, what are the advantages of using the strap?This has a general locking, not easy to fall off, high safety credibility, light weight, simple operation, unable to protect the goods and many other advantages.Save time and labor: can be operated by one person, can make the unity has a great cohesion, can remove the shackles quickly and simply binding: fall off, reuse, binding is easy.

It also requires three steps to use

1. Fix the inspection on the tape on one end of the goods.

2. The other end passes through the middle hole of tension lasseter.And then it came out

3, repeatedly press. Can be tied tightly. During the transport process used tension. This is very important.Although the steel wire tensioner is strictly required in the specification, it is not used.There is a broken tensioner.This breakage, especially in the case of wet, flat wetted ends as synthetic fibers, is achieved only when the metal handle is moved up and down to achieve a better effect of tight welding.

The function of holding luggage in place is to be very careful with the weaving belt when we use the tensioner.Woven belt can not be slightly damaged, an inconspicuous incision, can not directly contact with the belt, Weijing may be nothing when ligation, but does not represent.It doesn't matter in transit.The corners of the goods were worn away by the tensioner due to the violent shaking in transit, causing serious condition.Tensioner manufacturers

It is important to use a tensioner to move the goods. Better results can be obtained by proper use of tension devices.Features of safer transportation: tensioner is secured when goods are transported, moved, shipped or stored in the warehouse.As these are locked, they will not fall off, safe and reliable, light weight, easy to operate and guaranteed.




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