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About the market development and performance advantage of bundling belt


In fact, the binding belt is the goods as the binding belt, the tensioner in a better way for the transportation of goods and transportation, to prevent falling off in the transportation process, it is understandable, the future development of the fastening belt market is what kind of state?

What else?Take a look with xiaobian.Tensioner manufacturers

The following is an introduction to the market development and performance advantages of strapping.[bundled with group of combination of China's auto market in 2010, the market as the world economy, unlike "powerful" doping "of the corresponding goods industry, in 2010, China's large truck market assurance of 2.35 million units, truck overall sales of 3.5 million units, the output of cars is expected to 7.5 million, and at the same time of the passenger transport vehicles bound, flat beam ushered in the new things of the goods the goods, although the" cake ", but also changed the goods in a night of handling relationship between consumption habits, and geared to the needs of the development team to develop the appropriate route team products.

According to the market demand, the team gave up the overseas mature product thinking, stopped the market, determined the target cost and price, and implemented the technical innovation of product technology. First of all, the team conducted an in-depth study on the central product currently sold in the market.

Clear commodity positioning, wire rope tensioner accurately developed the economy (2T), durability (3T), reinforcement (5T) of these three products, the economic products are mainly combined in the popular market, induced popular consumption.Durability products to your market, meet some identification ability, target consumers, additional products in order to meet the truck driver's enhanced demand, compared with the truck driver, guide consumption.

In order to mobilize consumption habits, combine 1603 (one way) package, economy, 3 pieces, durability, and combine 1 part to form.Packaging 1 part, then put the consumer into the box to buy, complete the car bundled once.On the other hand, to combine the goods of the car, on the other hand, to cultivate consumption habits for the purpose, on the other hand, to snip poor products on the longer production line as the goal, to guide the healthy development of the market, tension manufacturers

At the same time, provide users with returns, in order to strengthen the safety consciousness, package, give the driver the unexpected loss caused by steel belt tensioning device driver bought a friend, as is proved, based on the target cost price adjustment of the product line to meet the demand of the domestic market, counterfeit identification method is to induce consumers accurately judge the merits of the product, prove that the domestic market is in a traditional nylon cord strapping.




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