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Tensioner manufacturers said that the strap characteristics


(1) take products to heat treatment of all kinds of hardware parts, professional testing, tensioner price simple operation can ensure the use of safety.

(2) the belt is made of high-strength tungsten wire with low water absorption, suitable for the natural environment, and suitable for the use of professional and technical personnel in the transportation of various items.

(3) each band has a black stripe, indicating the breaking strength.Depending on your request, the company can determine the black stripes or how many.Tensioner manufacturers

(4) songyi bundle is widely used to bundle goods in logistics enterprises, military transportation and train transportation.Can be applied to all kinds of objects fastening, prevent being bound, also known as the bundle of goods, the use of goods transport, movement, loading or storage of the fixed function, they have lock qualitative, prevent falling off, safe and reliable, simple operation, to protect the object from damage.According to the hooks,

Can be applied to a variety of environments.In addition, the wrapper, fastening belt, steel rope tension device of military rigging with safety management has not yet been incorporated into the normal route of administration management, the safety of the rig now because the country has not unified and standardized management standards, enterprises also lack of corresponding safety management system, rigging of the safety management become a kind of relaxed state.After the use of the rigging, which departments are responsible for the management, how often is the inspection required, who is responsible for the inspection and meets any standards for maintenance or disposal?

None of this works.Thus, unable to detect and remove, part of the ascension tool "works ill" for a long time until an accident occurs.Moreover, as for the manufacturing site and process, there is no designated management and storage.If everyone holds it and throws it away, the chances of the lifting tool being cut off are greater.

The safety technical quality of the users of the rigging is low and the safety consciousness is poor. The safety technical quality and the safety consciousness of the users of the rigging are strong, which not only affect the lifting operation quality, but also directly affect the safety of the users.Its performance basically has the following, one is the safety consciousness of user is weak.In the production process, some spenders are re-produced by the users, with light weight, safety, priority in schedule, delay in construction time, and the wholesale of the tensioner simplifies the work process, and even causes accidents due to illegal risky operations.Tensioner manufacturers

The safety technical quality of the two users is low, they do not understand the basic performance of the cable and the use of requirements, also how to calculate the object's center of gravity, determine the suspension method, in more specific operation, whether can freely ensure the safety of initiation, must be completely with the "big luck" collision.




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