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How to understand sling, rope and tool?


The old name si yi li is to hang the assembly, the cable represents the connection, tensioner tool is a tool;Suspension is a tool for connecting.Here, we will describe how to choose the appropriate hanger.

Conceptual selection of rigging:

1, steel rope with steel rope as raw material processing, mainly used for crane, traction, stretching and loading rope, specific strength, light weight, stable work, with the characteristics of fast overall not easy to break, widely used in steel, chemical, transportation, port and other industries;

2, the basket set mainly includes the lifting ring, connecting rod, lifting ring, metal end parts, in the main lifting ring including the long lifting wheel, grid, combination of lifting ring, etc..The lifting of the connection includes the disassembly of the bow, the disassembly of the chain, the suspension belt includes the flat belt and the round belt, the metal end includes various kinds of hooks and other metal parts, the suspension unit can freely optimize the combination according to the customer's needs, the manufacturer of the tensioning device

3, the chain rigging is connected with metal connecting rod rigging, the formation of the main welding and assembly of two kinds, its structure used one and more alloy steel, its outstanding characteristics are wear-resistant, high-temperature resistance, low ductility, stress can not be extended.Its service life is long, suitable for easy bending, large-scale use occasions.Wire rope tensioner flexible multi - limb, a variety of combinations can improve work efficiency, reduce the cost.When selecting the specification of the hoist, the lifting load's size, weight, shape and the adopted crane method shall be included in the calculation, and the karmic requirements given shall be considered, as well as the operating environment and the type of load.

Choose a hoist with sufficient capacity and suitable length for use. If multiple lifting tools are used to lift the load at the same time, choose the same type of rigging.The raw material of the flat elevator is unaffected by the environment and load.Regardless of whether accessories or soft straps are required, carefully consider the matching between the final stage of the lifting device and the auxiliary accessories and lifting equipment.

How to conduct preventive operations:

1. During the training of tool users, users must master the basic technical knowledge of all elevators;Familiar with the basic performance or service requirements of the rigging;Understand the center of gravity of the rope and the calculation on the forehead in different use environments;Understand the inspection method and abandonment standard of the used rigging.

2. The enterprise shall strengthen the management of the sling, develop the corresponding sling management system based on the actual production, and establish the sling card through the full registration of the wreath rigging.Nameplate should be marked on each lifting tool to show the name, model, amount, date of use and other contents of the rigging.Strengthen the daily management of rigging, manage professional personnel, use professional personnel, fixed point storage, regular detection, timely abandonment, and do a good job in rigging maintenance and maintenance.

Only master these basic knowledge, and reasonable use in practice to ensure the correct use of lifting tools, lifting.Tensioner manufacturers

The use environment of the rigging is complex, with many changes, many users and uneven quality.Lifting is in the crane hanging heavy objects of the device, if it breaks, there can not be inferred results, so the prevention of lifting the fracture is very important, the majority of operators pay attention to, hope to strengthen the concern.




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