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Storage method of sling


There are many kinds of slings.Like ordinary slings, such as wire ropes, loops and hooks, tensioner prices we should manage and maintain them effectively to prevent slings from being lost or misused.The danger.Note the following when storing:

1. Slings shall be placed in designated areas and arranged according to different types of loads.

2. Do not store sling in the open air.When using slings in winter, the water should be damped to prevent the slings from freezing and breaking.

3. Clearly mark damaged and scrapped slings and separate them from other complete slings to avoid confusion.Tensioner manufacturers

Here are some standards collected by Chen li for your reference:

1. Make a metal frame first.

2. Weld several metal hooks on the shelf.

3. Determine the size of the spreader above each hook.

The whole cabinet is painted with orange red paint, and the bottom is painted with yellow and black zebra crossing.Each color has a width of 100 mm.The stripes are at a 45 degree Angle to the horizontal plane.The direction should be symmetric with the center line of the box.

5. Position the spreader frame through the four-angle positioning method.

6. Determine the person in charge of sling management, and make spreader, chain tensioner spreader and end accessories commonly used for tag operation.According to industry practice, we refer to the rigid picking device used for lifting and lifting operations as the spreader.Such as: hook, grab, jig, chuck, special spreader, etc.The flexible tools for binding workpiece are called rigging, such as wire rope, ring chain, synthetic fiber sling, etc.Ring, shackle, rope card, etc

At the same time, the process and characteristics of the lifting operation determine that the lifting operation is a special operation with high risk.Accidents occur frequently and can be described as numerous due to the irregular and improper use of these slings during the use of workers.Therefore, it is said that the sling is small, but it is very important that we should not let us relax.

Heavy objects fall, this is a major impact accident, including heavy objects caused secondary damage.Among the various reasons for the drop of the tensioning type, there are incorrect sling use, incomplete binding of the weight, hook decoupling, sudden power failure of the chuck and standard application of sling, in order to improve the safety and reliability of the equipment itself..Productivity will play an important role.Tensioner manufacturers

Therefore, it is important to strengthen the concept of safe use of sling.




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