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Problems to be paid attention to when bundling goods


The tensioning device of the fixed capstan of the belt conveyor, on which the automatic control system of the tensioning device is installed, forms an automatic tensioning device, which is a widely used tensioning form in the modern large-scale belt conveyor.Because the automatic tensioning device must complete the automatic tensioning process, the structure and control of the tensioning device are very complicated.The difference between automatic tensioning device and fixed tensioning device is that it has sensing element and control system.Because of the bad environment of the belt conveyor of bulk materials, the sensor element and control system are greatly affected. The design and use of practical automatic tensioning device must take full account of the environmental impact, and various automatic tensioning devices have been proposed or used to solve the problem.

From the control method, the automatic tensioning device has a stable successor type and a combination of stability and successor characteristics.The stable automatic tensioning device does not depend on the change of the load of the conveyor, the adhesion of the nylon conveyor belt and the driving roller.For other parameters, the tension under different working conditions can be set according to starting, braking, normal operation and other working conditions. In working conditions, the tension device is equivalent to a fixed tension device. Therefore, only the tension at the rubber separation point can remain constant within a certain range of error.

Subsequent tensioner force can be kept at a constant value, even under the same working condition, stable driving force transmission can also through the follow up to ensure that the tension winch, namely the tension winch is a kind of automatic integration of automatic tensioning device, its characteristic is when the rubber belt conveyor start its action mode for follow-up action, its action mode stable during stable operation, before start the belt conveyor, increase the tension for the start, and then start the follower main motor, belt conveyors started, to stabilize the conveyor speed, heat resistant conveyor belt tension will start in a state of high value.The tension is reduced to the value needed for stable operation.In normal operation, the tensioning device is basically inactive.When the tension changes greatly, the tensioning device starts to operate and automatically adjusts the tensioning force.Tensioner manufacturers

Hydraulic automatic tensioning device is an automatic tensioning hydraulic system in a retractable belt conveyor.The wire rope tensioner tensioning device has the storage function, the storage belt is manually operated and operated on the belt conveyor.When the hydraulic system automatically adjusts the tension of the conveyor belt, when the rubber belt tension is greater than the specified value, the control valve moves down.Due to the pressure difference generated by the check valve, the hydraulic control valve also moves downward.The hydraulic motor idles to loosen the rubber belt.When the wear belt tension reaches the specified value, the control valve is in the middle position, and the automatic control valve is in the middle position.Oil from the pump flows directly back into the hydraulic tank and expands under the spring force.Under the braking condition, the main condition to keep the ring in normal working condition and meet the requirement of transporting goods in production cycle is to protect the safety of goods.As goods are large and small, they are heavy and heavy.Therefore, in the use of binding equipment, also should pay attention to the basic situation of bundled goods.Today, follow the bundling manufacturer to learn about the bundling of goods.Basic requirements:

The principle of binding goods

First, it must be bound together by the principle of symmetry.When the goods are restrained up and down or forward and backward, the number of buckles at both ends of the lacing must be the same and should be fixed in a relative position in the opposite direction of the goods.

2. When the lashing is fixed on the pallet at both ends of the cargo, the final load is twice its own load.When one end of the tether is fixed to the cargo and the other end is fixed to the pallet, the final load of the tether is its own load.

3. The buckles can be connected to up to two lanyards in the opposite direction. The wire tensioner can be connected to only one lanyard in one direction.When moving the upper and lower limits, at least two lashing belts shall be used, with the two sides of the center of gravity of the cargo fixed on both sides of the cargo and symmetrical locking track on both sides of the container.If more than two lanyards are used, they should be evenly distributed on both sides of the center of gravity of the goods.

4. When the upper limit and lower limit are moved, the length of each side lacing shall be at least twice the horizontal distance between the lacing plate and the joint of the assembly plate and the outer edge of the bottom edge of the goods, with the middle D1≥ 2D1.

5. When the fiber packing belt is fastened on the top or both ends of the goods, the lacing length on both sides of the goods should be equal.6. The height of two joints on both sides of the tether belt should be the same.

7. In different constraint directions, the distance between two side-by-side locks shall not be less than 10cm.

8. When binding, the hook on the binding band is always suspended from the outside and is not allowed to be inside or outside to ensure safety.

9. In the same direction of movement, the distance between two double buckles shall not be less than 50cm, and the distance between single buckles shall not be less than 30cm.10. Please pay attention to the Angle when installing the strap.Normally, the strap is not more than 300° from the tray plane in the appropriate direction of the constraint.

11. The length of each side lashing shall be at least twice the height of the lashing and the height of the cargo joint shall be at least the plane of the pallet when the current post-movement is limited.Otherwise, the connection between the lacing and the goods should be properly adjusted.2 d2.D3 or 2 D3.Tensioner manufacturers

Bundle method

12. When the current post-movement is limited, the binding position of the packing belt shall be determined according to the model installed and the loading direction of the goods on the pallet.Use front and back motion, supplemented by left and right motion.If the type of assembly cannot be determined when assembling the container, the front and back sides of the long side of the goods shall be subject to the constraints of front and back.Binding manufacturers often say that the straps must be tightened after binding, but the four sides of the container must not be deformed.Under normal conditions, the height of the edge of the tray should not exceed three centimeters after the strap is tightened.Loading and unloading is difficult to ensure the quality of the bundling of the goods and to prevent the pallet lifting height from exceeding the specified standard.The goods can be loaded onto the goods and the load plate stopper can be placed as needed and the packing belt can be tightened as needed.Therefore, when you bind the goods, you need to pay attention to the problem.There are usually more problems.Let's stay focused on the issues we need to pay attention to when bundling goods:

13. If the goods have inevitably sharp edges, gaskets or protective straps should be added for strapping.

14. In order to prevent the straps from shifting, loosening or sliding, after binding, auxiliary straps shall be used between the straps, or the auxiliary straps may be attached to the straps on the surface of the goods and at the joint of the goods.

Fifthly, the container goods that need to be hung must be tied together and hanged.

16. For exposed or specially shaped cargo, the shipper shall be required to establish or specify the binding position of the sling.

17. When binding goods or as an auxiliary rope, when the corner rope and the lock or nylon band need to be knotted, the knot shall be made into horseshoe buckle without killing the knot.




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