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Tensioner manufacturers teach you how to use the old - fashioned tensioner correctly


Fasteners, also known as ratchet tractors, are tools designed to tighten wires in overhead or cable.The tensioner price band manufacturer tells you how to use a ratchet retractor.First, before use, the tensioner needs to be checked to determine whether the tensioner is intact through the surface and structure, and the tensioner needs to be checked to prevent failure during use.

Ratchet tractor tensioner manufacturers

A wire retractor usually has a tight wire rope or wire wound around a ratchet roller.When in use, loosen the wire or wire on the wire fastener and fasten it to the transverse arm.How to use the old tightening device correctly

Clamp the cable or cable, pull the wrench, drive the ratchet, and the ratchet has anti-reverse function.When the cable fastener starts working, you can tighten the wire and cable.After tightening the wire, fix the tightened cable or wire on the insulator to ensure safety.

When the tensioning is complete, loosen the pawl and then loosen the wire rope or wire rope.The line tensioner finally loosens the line clamp and rewinds the wire rope or line on the ratchet roller.Use the fastening device as described above.Tensioner is used for repair functions during the transportation, movement, transportation or storage of goods.They lock and do not fall off.They are safe, lightweight, easy to operate and protect objects from damage.It can be applied to a variety of environments, depending on the type of hook.Also known as fasteners, fasteners, binding devices, fasteners, fasteners.Wire rope tensioner tensioner is similar to a buckle lock, its function is to tighten two pieces, but the shape is different.In addition, the tensioner produced by the binding manufacturer can be replaced with other products for the same purpose: wire rope, chain, etc.

Tensioner purchase

The choice of tensioner mainly comes from the following aspects:

Styles are generally classified as hook and non-hook

2. Strength - the safety load and fracture load that the tensioner can bear

Width - the belt width of the tensioner is generally 25mm 38mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, etc.

Belt conveyor fixed winch tensioning device, and set ningbo tensioning automatic control system on it, forming an automatic tensioning device, is the modern large-scale belt conveyor widely used in the form of tensioning.Because the automatic tensioning device must complete the automatic tensioning process, the structure and control of the tensioning device are very complicated.How to correctly use the old tightening device tensioner manufacturer

The difference between automatic tensioning device and fixed tensioning device is that it has sensing element and control system.Because of the bad environment of bulk material belt conveyer, the sensing element and control system are greatly affected.The design and use of actual automatic tensioning devices must take full account of the environmental impact, and various automatic tensioning devices have been proposed or used.Solve the problem.




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