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About the binding force test of the tensioner


Tensioner is used for strengthening steel formwork and compression board device, tensioner is mainly used for tightening.Tensioner is used for repair functions when transporting, transporting or storing goods.The binding manufacturer indicates that they are not locked after locking, so the object will not be damaged.However, during the actual fixation of the goods, if the tension is too high, the goods may be damaged.In order to detect the tensioning force when using a tensioner, a force with an electronic display is usually added to the tensioning force.

Bundling manufacturer

As can be seen, although the tension of the tensioner during use can be obtained.However, due to the complex structure of the force measuring device, the installation of the tensioner is complex and complicated.And it adds a lot of cost.Since the operator usually only needs to obtain the tensioner force in order to determine whether the tensioner is within the approved force range.Therefore, it is not necessary to know exactly the tension of the tensioner.The characteristic of the binding force tester is that it includes a cylindrical force measuring component, which has a connecting part connected to the main body of the tensioner, and the side of the force measuring component of the chain tensioner has a side along its axial direction.Grooves form elastic fins.Tensioner manufacturers

Rest on both sides.Tensioner includes main body, tensioning belt and handle.In the process of pulling the handle, the tension belt can be driven back into the main body.The force measuring device is installed between the main body and the tension belt.Specifically, the connecting part of the force measuring member is connected with the main body of the tensioner. The end of the tensioning belt is provided with an annular sleeve, which is sleeved on the main body, and the two inner sides of the collar correspond respectively.

Lean on both fins.During the use of the tensioner, the tensioned belt is stressed and the tensioned belt is pressed against the airfoil.When the tension is high enough, the two flaps are forced to fit each other with a tensioning band.During the manufacture of force-measuring components, the set tension is reached when the two flaps are connected, so tighten manually when the tensioner is used to force the two flaps to fit.Equipment has reached the set tension, if continue to tighten, will cause damage to the goods.It is used as a tensioning line in overhead line installation facilities.When in use, first loosen the wire rope or galvanized iron wire on the ratchet winder, fix it on the transverse arm, clamp the wire, and then pull the special wrench.

Due to the anti-reaction effect of the pawl, the wire rope or galvanized iron wire is gradually wound on the ratchet roller to tighten the wire.Fix the screwed wire to the insulator.Then loosen the pawl to loosen the wire rope or galvanized wire, then loosen the wire clip, and finally wind the wire rope or galvanized wire around the roller of the ratchet.

It is also needed when using a ratchet retractor.For safety during use, the following requirements should be followed.

1. Select the ratchet retractor of the corresponding specification according to the thickness of the wire.During use, the wire rope must not be twisted or knotted, so it must be smooth.Tensioner manufacturers

2. Ratchet and pawl should be in good condition and should not trip.Add lubricant before use.

3. In the process of using the ratchet tractor, if the slip line occurs, all operations should be stopped immediately.Take appropriate measures to clamp the wire before proceeding.




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