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Brief introduction of seven advantages of tensioner manufacturer


The binding device is suitable for the safe transportation of goods binding and forklift, electric storage truck, stacker and so on.Different types of materials have different lengths.Typically, the length of a single bundle can reach 3.8 meters.The capacity of a single strapping machine is up to 580KG, and the impact force is up to 450kg-2.5cm.

Advantages of adhesives:

1. Automatic shrinkage function can make the goods more compact and prevent loosening.

2. The binding equipment can be recycled more than 30,000 times and can be easily removed from the forklift for easy replacement and reuse.Tensioner manufacturers

3. It is simple to operate and convenient to use. No packaging film and other tape or rope wrapping methods are used.

4. Manual structure can release locking function easily and facilitate unloading.

5. After use, the strap can be automatically wound for easy collection.

6. Replace plastic winding film, greatly reduce production cost.

7. Green and environmental protection, because the repeated use of this product, can greatly reduce the demand for plastic film and other disposable adhesive materials, not only save costs, but also reduce waste recycling and reprocessing and other environmental pollution problems.Plastic film, and respond to the country.Call for energy conservation and emission reduction.

In addition, you can select an auxiliary tractor with a length of 1.2 meters, which allows the binding length to reach 5 meters.In the process of moving, especially in the process of factory relocation, equipment lifting has become a problem to be faced with, especially in the process of handling, how to connect the equipment and binding device.This is whether the equipment can be safely transported to the new factory.The focal point.In the process of moving these large equipment, the most scientific constraint reinforcement method, first of all, should be carefully selected to tie the product.The most widely used methods used by manufacturers of steel belt tensioner baling machines are elevators, steel wires and wooden rods.

Bundling manufacturer


First, let's talk about the most common way to bind gourds.Although it is the most common, it is also the easiest way to cause a rotating gear to leak oil.If there is a leak, the chain will slip.The goods will be dirty, the goods will be loose, resulting in improper handling or even damage the goods;Tensioner manufacturers

The second is to use a simple "fixed iron or wood bar" to block, tensioning hook with the wire bundle, the Achilles heel of this method is to use??Braking and vehicle braking in an emergency of inertia force cannot be sustained by obstructing and reinforcing materials.Bending inertial forces;

Thirdly, there is no blockage and no obstacle in the process of loading and unloading to effectively separate the fixed tools and materials.




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