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What are the advantages of the tension device price


Easy to carry, according to the size of different binding objects, the tensioner adopts special tools to tighten, cut into the appropriate size, more convenient, more convenient, beautiful and generous, reduce the waste of materials.

1. Safer and more secure

Special fastening tools for stainless steel banding can produce at least 2,000 pounds of tension, bringing the steel banding closer to the surface of different shapes, making it stronger and safer.It is especially suitable for fixing irregular objects.

2, the use of stainless steel tie belt can once and for all tension device manufacturers

Tighten general hose clamps and clamps.In the case of high vibration, the steel belt tensioner screws loosen for a long time, making the product unusable.The rust steel binding belt is made with special tools, which can produce greater force to tighten, and it will not become loose after tightening, so that your quality complaints will be greatly reduced.

3. It can reduce the inventory of fasteners of different specifications and other fasteners

Several types of fasteners are usually used in products, which results in solid stock of various sizes.A roll of t stainless steel binding with special tools can be used for binding objects of different sizes, very trouble-free and fast.Let you no longer worry about stock shortage.

4, super high temperature resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance

The belt has excellent high temperature resistance, acid resistance and corrosion resistance.They are particularly suitable for acid and corrosion resistant applications.Compared with the rustproof and spray paint of hose clips, the stainless steel binding tape is the ideal choice for your stainless steel binding tape and road signs

5. Better security

Compared to fixed bolts, it does not rust and can provide detailed scientific data and quality assurance.It prevents rusty bolts from causing street signs to fall off, which will help prevent some construction units from intentionally or unintentionally using inferior materials.Cause a safety hazard.

6. Standardization and aesthetics

When assembled, it can be large or small, close to the working face, beautiful and generous in appearance, more in line with the standard of shenzhen's construction of international garden city.Reduce the construction unit to adopt a variety of fixed methods, so that the construction unit more close to standardization and generalization.

7. Reduce daily workload

When typhoon or heavy rain comes, it is not necessary to check whether the bolts are rusted and cause safety risks.Once bundled, it will benefit from a reduction in replacement fittings and the elimination of anti-rust paint applications.

8. Better long-term economic benefits

In the short term, the unit cost is higher than the existing fixed method, but in the long run, the tensioner hook because it will benefit from a one-time binding, less work inspection, less regular replacement of other accessories, less frequent use of anti-rust paint, and less miscellaneous accessories.More questions.Indirect savings.

9, more anti-theft

Stealing road signs requires more tools and time than other fixed methods, which is not conducive to theft.Tensioner manufacturers

10. Convenience of traffic management department

Binding accessories few, binding convenient, do not need to invest additional equipment.When choosing construction units, traffic management departments can have a wider range.Reduce the deviation caused by eye examination.The combination of the product has scientific data reference.It is not necessary to measure the safety and convenience of different fixed methods for work inspection and guidance.

11. Provide reference for the planning and design of traffic management departments




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