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How does tensioner price manage


1. Distance measurement for microdiameter wire rope sling, the tensioner can use soft white paper to wrap the wire rope sling on the sling, draw the trace of the wire rope in the wire rope with pencil, and then measure the distance with the standard specification.Measurement;The coarser specifications of the wire rope sling are directly marked on the wire rope sling for measurement.The length of the measured part is 5 turns, and the average value is taken as the measurement result.

2. Measure the distance during the tanning process of the wire rope sling, and conduct the distance measurement on the pressure line mold and pull.Measurement is made on the wire rope sling between the lead wheels.The diameter of the wire rope sling is measured by a vernier caliper with an appropriate width of jaws, and the diameter of the peripheral circle of the wire rope sling is measured as the measured diameter of the wire rope sling.The measurement should be carried out in a straight line on the wire rope sling without tension.Tensioner manufacturers

3. It can be measured in the tanning process or sample measurement.The wire rope tensioner takes four measurement points in two different directions, at least 1m apart, and measures each value at each point and takes an average.The diameter measurement of the triangular wire rope sling (see forming wire rope sling) is used to measure the height dimension of its cross section.The looseness of the sling shall be checked from the end of the sling.

4. After the tie line is untied, if the steel wire and billet in the inventory do not change the constraint state in the free state, the tensifier is sold directly and there is no spontaneous loosening tendency, the wire rope sling can be regarded as unloosening.It is also possible to extend two corresponding strands at the end of the wire rope sling at approximately two lengths.When the two strands are retwisted to the wire rope sling, the wire remains in place in the strand and the strand is suspended from the wire rope.The rigging should also be restored to the sling.In this case, the wire rope sling can be considered unloose.

The mechanical property test of the steel wire rope includes the whole rope test and billet splitting test.Place the sample into the prepared wire rope sling.The complete rope breaking tension of wire rope sling is an important mechanical property index of wire rope sling.The whole broken rope tensile test is carried out on the tensile test machine.According to the specification of wire rope sling, wire tensioner will be the two ends of the sample with a different fixture fixed, so that the fixture can tightly clamp the sample, and will be evenly applied to the sample strand line.Tensioner manufacturers

6. The minimum breaking tension of wire rope sling should meet the standard requirements, and calculate the minimum breaking force of wire rope sling according to the following equation kN;D is the nominal diameter of the wire rope sling, mm;R. For wire rope slings with nominal tensile strength of MPa;K 'is the minimum breaking force coefficient of the sling of the specified structure steel wire rope.Some special wire rope sling used in fatigue test, rubber adhesion test, flatness test and so on.




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