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What if the welded ring is damaged?



Tensioner manufacturers have many types of rings, tensioner prices such as bolt and welded rings.However, welded rings cannot be used for welding.Conventional bolt rings cannot be used for rotation.Bolt rings with rotating devices can be used.Weld ring damaged.What should I do?

Lifting ring has a wide range of applications, can be in many places for lifting and lifting operations.The safety of lifting rings is closely related to the safety of lifting work.So what are the methods to judge the safety of lifting rings?

First of all, rustproof ring rust or rust treatment.After simple treatment, static tensile test is carried out according to relevant requirements to judge the performance of sling.

Secondly, if there are obvious cracks or manual welding marks on the surface of the ring, the ring must be replaced in time to prevent the risk of damage during the lifting process.

The above is the introduction of welding ring damage method.The problem will be different for different rings.We need to carry out maintenance and repair work according to the specific situation.

Welded rings are widely used in our lives and can be used in multiple locations with multiple lifting machines, but the rings cannot be freely welded during use.

In the manufacturing process, the welding of lifting ring is different from the welding after the completion of manufacturing, the effect will be different.Most of the welding types of lifting rings are welded in the production process, and most of the daily welding is the production after the completion of welding. Therefore, lifting rings cannot be welded at will, so what can we do to prevent the ring from breaking in the use process?

First, standardize the operation of the ring.

Secondly, according to the nature of the rings operation rings, avoid high corrosive or high humidity in the place of lifting.

Third, for acute Angle items, please take appropriate precautions.

The above is a brief introduction to the use of welding rings.The ring is easy to operate and use, but you need to pay attention to details in the process of use.


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