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High quality tensioner manufacturers machinery recommendations



What are the factors of tensioner manufacturer and crane hoisting?1. Crane quality.High quality tensioner manufacturers mechanical recommendation to choose high quality crane is a prerequisite, the quality of the crane can ensure the safety of the lifting.2. Voltage, the voltage of the general terminal crane must be stable, separate from the general power consumption.If the voltage is not stable and the motor does not work well, the lifting parts will be reduced.Generally, the rated voltage of the lifting motor is 220v±5V.3. Diameter and length of wire rope.These elements are often overlooked.If a larger diameter or longer length of wire rope is selected, the diameter of the drum will be increased.Since the speed of the motor is constant, the speed will accelerate, and the strength of the crane will decrease and the lifting parts will decrease.4. During hoisting, the Angle between the inclined arm and the column should be controlled within 45 degrees. The smaller the Angle, the better.5. For crane maintenance and maintenance, for example, in the external treatment, must clean the parts surface, coated with anti-rust paint and decorative paint film.In terms of lubrication, lubrication of internal equipment is very important, which is one of the important factors affecting the efficiency and safety of use.

Store batteries.Remove the battery and put the battery into the dry antifreeze.In order to keep the surface clean and dry, it is forbidden to place conductive objects on the battery.Remove the battery, first cut off the negative line, and then cut off the positive line;First connect the positive lines and then connect the negative lines.Since the electrical system of the construction machinery is negatively grounded, this is to prevent a short circuit when removing the battery.2 lead-acid batteries should be charged once a month.

Second, the starting weight Q refers to the weight of the lifting weight in kilograms or t.It can be divided into rated lifting weight, lifting weight, total lifting weight, effective lifting weight.Rated lifting weight is the sum of the lifting capacity of the crane and the separable lifting tools or accessories (such as grab, electromagnetic chuck, balance beam, etc.).Total lifting weight Qz total lifting weight is the total lifting materials of the crane together with the lifting tool and the lifting tool fixed together for a long time (including lifting hook, pulley set, lifting rope and other lifting tools under the lifting crane).Lifting weight Qp effective lifting capacity is the net weight of the material that the crane can lift.High quality tensioner manufacturers machinery recommendations

Gantry container cranes are used in container terminals.Container gantry cranes are stacked or directly loaded and transported after the trailer has transported the containers from the shore-based container transport bridge to the storage yard or back, which can speed up the replacement of the container transport bridge or other cranes.Stacked stacks of containers three to four stories high and six rows wide can be stacked, usually with tire types, and also with track types.

1. The manned basket used on site is not designed and accepted and put into use without authorization.2. The crane driver does not pay attention when operating, does not check carefully when working, and does not sound before driving.3. Incorrect lifting instructions or the commander is wearing gloves to command the crane.4. Pass objects when lifting them.5. Use pipes or weak beams as lifting points for heavy objects.6. Winch, electric hoist, crane, elevator, reverse chain, etc.Do not check carefully before use, use unqualified lifting tools, do not power off after operation, or lock the operating switch.



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