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How much does the light and small tensioner cost



Tensioner manufacturers long-term storage construction machinery parts maintenance port machinery cranes, gantry cranes and Marine cranes are everyone should master the basic knowledge.They should not be used for long-term storage.What should be paid attention to when maintaining parts?

How much do light and stamp sheetlets cost?How much do I need for the recommended lightweight and stamp sheetlet?The so-called performance parameters of the port crane are the parameters that characterize the main technical performance of the crane.This is an important foundation of crane design, but also a kind of relationship.Crane safety technical requirements.As for the performance parameters of the port crane, yuanwang port machine lists the following contents for you: first of all, the crane dead weight G is the weight of the whole machine under the standard configuration, the unit is t or kg.

In the operation of the port crane, yuanzhi found a lot of illegal operations.Some operations are not intentional, but some old staff bring new staff familiar with the work and share some mistakes and form the wrong teaching.After a period of summary, yuanwang staff summarized some common port crane violations as follows, hope to remind everyone.

With the arrival of summer, most areas of China are about to enter the rainy season, and even many cities in the south are also hit by heavy rain. The price of tension device has brought great inconvenience to people's production and life.Similarly, the use of the port crane outside, encountered in the rainy day is also a problem.What protection should the user take against the port crane?

In the process of port crane operation, yuanwang has been emphasizing that everyone should pay attention to the safe operation of crane equipment, do a good job in maintenance, to ensure the safety of people and people.Is proper control of attachments and anchorage necessary?Look at this place for details.Tensioner manufacturers

Port cranes are usually used outdoors.When using, check for corrosion and rust.Please repair them if necessary.If the parts are seriously damaged, please replace them in time.At the same time, we should do anti-corrosion and anti-rust measures.Wind and rain will inevitably be hit outside, measures should be taken to extend the service life of the equipment.Deputy advanced use of electric hoist, due to improper operation in the application, resulting in loose parts, metal fatigue and other reasons, special emphasis on weekly inspection, and carefully record.

Gantry container cranes are used in container terminals.Container gantry cranes are stacked or directly loaded and transported after the trailer has transported the containers from the shore-based container transport bridge to the storage yard or back, which can speed up the replacement of the container transport bridge or other cranes.Stacked stacks of containers three to four stories high and six rows wide can be stacked, usually with tire types, and also with track types.

What are the factors related to crane lifting?1. Crane quality.Choose high quality crane is the prerequisite, the quality of crane can ensure the safety of lifting.2. Voltage, the voltage of the general terminal crane must be stable, separate from the general power consumption.If the voltage is not stable and the motor does not work well, the lifting parts will be reduced.Generally, the rated voltage of the lifting motor is 220v±5V.3. Diameter and length of wire rope.These elements are often overlooked.If a larger diameter or longer length of wire rope is selected, the diameter of the drum will be increased.Since the speed of the motor is constant, the speed will accelerate, and the strength of the crane will decrease and the lifting parts will decrease.4. During hoisting, the Angle between the inclined arm and the column should be controlled within 45 degrees. The smaller the Angle, the better.5. For crane maintenance and maintenance, for example, in the external treatment, must clean the parts surface, coated with anti-rust paint and decorative paint film.In terms of lubrication, lubrication of internal equipment is very important, which is one of the important factors affecting the efficiency and safety of use.



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