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How to use the car tensioner


Car tensioner is used in the transportation, movement, shipment or storage of fixed functions.They have a lock, will not fall off, safe and reliable, light, easy to operate, protect the object from damage.It is the reinforcement of steel formwork and compression board equipment, the main role of tension.

Tensioner manufacturers

Structural characteristics of tensioner and tensioner

The tightening device is composed of a bolt belt, a fastener and metal end parts.The fastener is a hand-driven tension device with a 500N wrist force.

Tensioner main purpose of tensioner

The tightening device is mainly used for the fastening of goods on trucks, trailers, ships or rails, as well as the binding and fastening of steel, wood and various pipe goods.

Scope of application of tensioner

The tightening device is suitable for vehicle trailer and rescue.The tightener cannot be used to lift cargo.The ambient temperature of the bolting belt is from -40℃ to +100℃, while the ambient temperature of the bolting belt is generally from -40℃ to +100℃

-40℃ ~ +80℃, strictly prohibited in high temperature environment.The structure forms of the binder are various. The strength of the binder can decrease when the components without the binder end are exposed to ultraviolet radiation for a long time according to the actual needs. Therefore, the binder can be fastened

It should not be used for too long in places with high uv radiation.Avoid working in molten metal, acid, glass plates, fragile items, nuclear reactors and special environments.

Tensioner use notes tensioner manufacturers

1. Only use undamaged tensioner, the label can clearly indicate the ability.

2. Overload is not allowed.

3. Do not tie the ribbon.

4. When using, please try to keep the fabric away from sharp edges and corners to avoid abrasion or cutting.

5. Avoid twisting and twisting to arrange the tensioner.

6. Do not place objects on a tensioner to avoid injury.

7. Do not use the tensioner as a load lifting adjustment.




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